two days before a day of demonstrations, the left is divided

two days before a day of demonstrations, the left is divided

2023-09-21 20:18:15

The fight against police violence gives rise to a new staging – invectives included – of the dissensions between the leaders of the New Ecological and Social Popular Union (Nupes), La France insoumise (LFI) defending participation in a demonstration on Saturday September 23 , to which communists and socialists refuse to call. More than the refusal to call, it is the argument used by Fabien Roussel which crystallizes the criticism of the “rebellious”.

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Police violence is a “serious subject, causing drama” and that “must be treated”, he said Thursday September 21 on LCI. But the boss of the communists, who cultivates his difference throughout his speeches, disavows the slogan “everyone hates the police”common in this type of mobilization.

This diagnosis is shared by Nupes partners. On Wednesday, the Socialist Party (PS) recalled that it would not march on Saturday, while judging « indispensable » to reform the police within which, he believes, we observe “a worrying progression of racism”.

LFI and Europe Ecologie-Les Verts are among the first signatories of the call to “a united march” pour “take back the street”, launched this summer in the wake of the death of Nahel M., 17, killed by a police officer. Around fifty organizations including the CGT, Attac and Friends of the Earth are participating. Some 80 demonstrations are planned in France and between 4,000 and 6,000 people are expected in Paris by the intelligence services.

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M. Roussel “has no right to caricature the slogans of those who participate in it”rebuked the political coordinator of LFI Manuel Bompard on Franceinfo. “You can be offended by the slogans, the truth is that if there are this type of slogans, it is because there are problems in the organization of the police and in the relationship between the police and a part of the population “he argued.

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Manuel Bompard like Fabien Roussel cited the former rights defender, Jacques Toubon, who was outraged that in France “a young black man” either “controlled twenty times more than a young white man”.

The question of the 2017 Cazeneuve law on the conditions for exercising self-defense by police officers, however, divides the alliance. LFI calls for its outright suppression. “Popular circles want the right to kill their children to be repealed”insisted Jean-Luc Mélenchon, at the Festival ofHumanity this week-end.

Already in 2021, La France insoumise stood out by refusing to participate in a demonstration by police officers who denounced the increasing violence against them, and the inadequacy of the judicial response. Mr. Mélenchon had denounced “a demonstration of an ostensibly factious nature” and criticized the “one-upmanship” police resources “against the demonstrations”.

“STOP, between partners we respect each other”

In the meantime, the hostilities between the two parties and between the two men have not stopped. LFI MP Sophia Chikirou, close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, published this week a message comparing the current boss of the communists to Jacques Doriot, a former communist who moved to collaboration in the 1940s. And a photo of selling t-shirts stating: “Everyone hates Fabien Roussel. »


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The person concerned reacted by denouncing a “call for hatred (…) extremely dangerous”. “We must have a minimum of respect between us and attack a leader of the PCF like that, knowing our commitment during the war, in the Resistance, against Nazism, it is extremely serious »he declared on Franceinfo, calling for « dialogue » to the left.

But weariness is gaining on their partners. “Roussel is not Doriot. Debate is not boxing. Disagreement is not insult. The rise of the far right is too serious a subject not to provide it with additional allies. Stop the fire », demanded PS boss Olivier Faure, on the social network X (formerly Twitter). « STOP »also criticized the boss of the environmental group, Cyrielle Chatelain, “between partners we respect each other”.

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