Two killed in collision between private bus and cargo auto

Coenpatthur: Private Bus and Cargo Auto at Ayyampalayam near Pollachi Two people died in the accident. In the accident, the private bus overturned into a coconut grove on the road and died. Dhi passengers were injured.

School students from Gopalapuram near Pollachi yesterday morning. and those who were going to work were being transported to the Pollachi area. Karya Bus. On reaching Ayyampalayam side, the private bus overtook the oncoming vehicle. While crossing, the bus hit the oncoming goods auto. ran 2 people who came in the auto died on the spot.

One person was rescued and admitted to the government hospital in an ambulance. The private bus which recently caused an accident is in a coconut grove on the road. Several passengers were injured. The neighbors rescued them and took them to the government hospital. Education was given. Accident on Pollachi-Palakkad road at dawn Stunned. The police are investigating the case.


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