Two military police officers die during an approach in Recife

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2023-09-18 14:43:25

Two military police died while responding to an incident in Camaragibe, Recife. The officers approached a man who, according to a complaint, was shooting into the air on the roof of a property, on Friday the 15th.

The dead police officers are soldier Eduardo Roque Barbosa de Santana, aged 33, and corporal Rodolfo José da Silva, aged 38. Both were from the 20th Battalion of the Pernambuco Military Police.


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After that, a series of murders, from five members of the shooter’s family. All this in a period of less than 12 hours. One of the victims was identified as Alex Silva Barbosa, aged 33, the PM’s killer.

Firstly, the police officers were murdered at 9pm on Thursday the 14th; Five hours later, three of the suspect’s brothers were murdered by hooded men; During searches by the Military Police, the police killer was found in Tabatinga, a city in Camaragibe. He shot at the police and was killed. This happened at 11 am on Friday the 15th; and Still in the morning, the bodies of Maria José Pereira da Silva, Alex’s mother, and Nathália Nascimento, the shooter’s wife, were found in a sugarcane field in the city of Paudalho, Recife.

Alex shot at military police officers when he was found and was shot in the head and chest. He died at the scene.

Murderer was registered as a collector

According to state governmentAlex had a gun aimed at laser and, upon seeing the police approaching, he shot them both in the head.

He was a collector, sports shooter and hunter (CAC), had no criminal record and used a registered weapon.

During the first incident, a pregnant woman and a teenager were also injured and remain hospitalized.

Investigations into murders in Pernambuco remain ongoing

The governor Raquel Lyra (PSDB) stated that the eight deaths will be investigated by the police. Delegate Ivaldo Pereira, from the Special Operations Group (GOE), will be in charge of the cases. The information is from the website g1.

The Public Ministry of Pernambuco (MPPE) also announced that two criminal investigative procedures were launched to investigate the sequence of murders.

Killer’s sister broadcast attack by hooded men

The sister of shooter Alex Barbosa, identified as Agata Ayanne da Silva, broadcast live, on Instagram, the moment she was murdered along with her brothers, Amerson Juliano and Apuynã Lucas.

The video is among the most viewed in the State of Pernambuco in the last seven days.

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