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New Delhi: The channel’s editor Pramod Raman and the Kerala Journalists’ Union have filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the ban on Media One. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear two new petitions filed by Media Broadcasting Limited against the ban tomorrow.

Editor Pramod Raman and two other senior employees of the channel have stated in a petition filed in the Supreme Court that neither the owners of Media One channel nor more than 320 employees have ever been involved in any anti-national activities. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Therefore, he did not get a chance to respond to the allegations. The petition also alleges that the measures were taken against the fundamental transparency of the country’s judicial system.

The government can only refuse to renew a license if it has committed at least five offenses in the last ten years. But during this period there was not a single complaint of violation against Media One. The government’s move will undermine freedom of expression and the freedom of the press. The petition alleges that such unilateral actions would create a unified media community that is subject to the governments in power.

The channel editor and two other senior employees have filed a petition in the Supreme Court alleging that more than 320 employees of Media One are currently out of work. Apart from editor Pramod Raman, the channel’s senior web designer Sharafuddin KP and senior cameraman Biju KK have also filed the petition in the Supreme Court.

Encroachment on media freedom and violation of fundamental rights – KUWJ

The Kerala Journalists’ Union (KJU) has said that the denial of employment to about 320 employees, including journalists, by banning broadcasting without hearing the allegations is a violation of fundamental rights. The union alleges in a petition filed in the Supreme Court that this is an encroachment on media freedom. The petition also states that closing the channel without consulting the channel owners and employees is a denial of natural justice.

The petition also alleges that the High Court’s decision, which took into account only the files of the government in the matter of constitutional questions, was erroneous. The petition was filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of the KUWJ by the General Secretary, Secretary and a member of the State Committee.


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