Two planets reach their closest point to Earth », the Iraqi News Agency

Two planets reach their closest point to Earth », the Iraqi News Agency

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Sky watchers and astronomy enthusiasts can spot both Mercury and Venus in the night sky starting next week, as the duo will be in their closest pass from Earth..

Mercury, the smallest and fastest planet in our solar system, is expected to reach its most visible point on April 11, according to NASA, although the planet will begin to appear in the night sky starting today..

Mercury has a solid surface full of craters, like the moon, and the rocky planet appears in the sky only for a few weeks every three to four months of the year, and this is because it loses the rest of the time in the sun’s glare..

The planet Venus, which is rusty in color and full of mountains and thousands of large volcanoes, will also appear on April 11 alongside the group of Pleiades stars, or the seven sisters, in the sky..

It is useful to be in a dark area with little light pollution to see the astronomical event clearly, and astronomy applications can also help stargazers locate nearby planets and constellations..

But if you missed this event for some reason, such as bad weather, don’t worry, as there will be another chance to see another close approach of the Moon with Saturn on April 15 and 16..

Source: Russia Today

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