Two sisters raise 250 sheep: “I work as men? No, it’s our passion” –

A men’s job? Not at all. For the sisters Angela e Marina By Angelis, graduates in Accounting, aged 36 and 34, the first two of three daughters, managing a farm is not a question of sex. It is “a passion”, and then it is written in the family’s DNA because it is the same work of the grandfather Domenico, then their dad Antonio, which is no more, and of the mother, Diana. And this solid invisible bond with a company that is made up of animals, traditions and nature, will not break for now because when Angela goes to the pasture she brings her children with her. The two young women, with the support of the third sister Monica, of Marina’s mother, and husband, Guido, have been running a farm in San Nicolao di Caramanico Terme for three years. They raise 250 sheep and run a dairy with a sales point, doing practically everything by themselves, “including the organizational and bureaucratic part”, explains Angela.

What type of job is it? How is your typical day?

During the year the work changes and in any case we don’t start very early, let’s say around 7. In winter, when the animals are in the stable, there are the births, the lambs are born and it is more to think about nutrition. Instead in this period we take care of the milking, we begin to go out to the pasture (with the help of a worker) and we are at the dairy for production and sale. It is quite worked: just think of the effort to follow the animals, milk them, take care of them, feed them.

Doesn’t it weigh on you compared to what could be a less physically demanding job?

No, it doesn’t weigh on us, on the contrary we live everything positively because we do it for passion. We decided it ourselves. The company belonged to the grandfather, then to our father and then it passed to my mother, for about ten years. But she closed and sold everything, opening a pizzeria in Caramanico. We were the ones who decided to reopen, to start over. And in the dairy (with a meat and cheese shop) we try to keep the flavors we remember from our childhood, which are natural, without preservatives. The notions are those that have been handed down to us, including the methods of cheese production.

All things traditionally entrusted to men.

Sometimes we too feel like men (and smiles, ed). But the truth is that we like to be in contact with nature, we are in a place that is a fairy tale. I have always felt this inside of me, I suffered when the company was sold. I know this will be my life, I understand that I have taken the right path.

No fear with the sheep?

No, I have spontaneous attitudes with them. For those born there it is easier. A bit like the Abruzzese shepherd: if he is born in the flock, it suits us well.

What comments do you receive?

Customers (even men) are always very enthusiastic. Those who come to visit us, those who follow us to the pasture (during the events we organize precisely to open to the public) are passionate. And we want to continue on this path, taking the children with us as part of an educational farm project (we attended a Coldiretti course for this).

Can you manage to combine everything?

Of course, even more than before, because despite being a demanding job, we manage it. So no stress, on the contrary I’m carefree. And my two children – one 11 years old and one 8 – I take them with me. They like it and have decided that they will do my job. In fact, they’re trying to get my husband to change jobs too Simone, who is a driver.

Tomorrow is Women’s Day. What is the relationship between your work and femininity?

I never liked going around with nail polish or nails fake, also because to do you can’t do this job to have. What we do does not affect at all. We feel good as we are.

How will you celebrate March 8?

I’ve never been one of those who go to restaurants with friends. I stay with my family.

Speaking of women, she plays an important role within Coldiretti.

I am the provincial manager of the Coldiretti Women’s Enterprise Movement. The association is very attentive to female entrepreneurship, it organizes courses to promote it.

And why, what is the difference compared to the male one?

Perhaps because it is thought that the women have a snap in more than men.

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