U2P launches an interactive platform for business creators

U2P launches an interactive platform for business creators

2023-10-02 08:27:09

Published on Oct 2, 2023 at 8:27 am

The vocations crisis does not only concern employee unions. The employment rate is going from record to record and the increase in the number of self-employed workers has a lot to do with it. But among them, very few have the reflex to join a professional organization.

It is to them that the artisans and liberal professions of U2P have decided to address themselves. The employers’ organization launched a free interactive platform a few days ago to help with business creation. From the profession of judicial administrator to that of interpreter, including that of pizza maker or taxidermist, in total, 96 professions will be scrutinized. Twenty-four are already there and the others will follow by February.

Free platform

By going to Create-resume.u2p-france , those who plan to create their business specify their business plan and the place where they plan to carry it out. We then provide economic information on the state of competition, economic potential but also other information relating to daily life, from the establishment of schools to the existence or not of this or that equipment. sporty. “We started from the needs of those who want to create their business,” explains Antoine Foucher, of the Quintet consulting firm which designed the site.

Internet users who wish to do so can also be contacted within 48 hours by one of the 120 professional federations that make up U2P, to which it is now possible to join directly. In particular, it will be able to guide those who are considering taking over a business. “At the level of our federations and U2P, we have undertaken to strengthen the services that we offer and it is within this framework that the creation of this complete service falls to help business creators in their efforts” , underlines Pierre Burban, the secretary general of the U2P.

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“Work to reconquer VSEs”

The employers’ organization hopes not only to attract new heads of small and very small businesses but also to attract professional federations which have not yet entered its fold, in activities as diverse as real estate, the clothing trade, bookstores or sporting activities.

“We must work to win back very small businesses,” also explains Pierre Burban. This is a major issue in terms of representativeness. A survey carried out by Ipsos for U2P shows that the latter is best known by employers with 5 to 10 employees and if it lost first place in number of member companies to the benefit of the CPME during the last measurement of employer representativeness in 2021, it is because François Asselin’s organization welcomed into its fold the National Federation of Autoentrepreneurs which claims some 60,000 members.

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