UAE celebrates National Day | 01Dec2021

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Dubai : Preparations are complete for the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the UAE. Thursday is the 50th National Day of the country. All the emirates had started preparing for the celebrations days in advance. The city streets were littered with the UAE’s square flags and colorful lanterns. The decorative lamps will be maintained for another 50 days after the celebration.

Every celebration in the country is organized according to Kovid standards. As part of this, all public places have been cleaned under the leadership of the municipality.

Attendance at events should be limited to wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. Social distance is not mandatory for members of the same family. A Kovid negative result taken within 96 hours of attending a public event is mandatory. Al Hosn app must also show green pass.

Thousands of new plants have been planted in Dubai to mark the occasion. The main roads and parks are full of flowers of different colors. The major holiday in the country is from December 1 to 3. Government employees have four days off, including Saturday. Parking and toll free on National Holidays. However, free parking is not allowed near multi-storey buildings. Authorities also advised that vehicles should not be decorated in such a way as to obscure the driver’s view.

Do not litter, pedestrians should use footpaths and zebra crossings. Authorities have issued a number of directives not to allow vehicles to carry more people than the limit, not to use horses or camels in public places, not to use vehicle number plate obscure decorations, and parking only in designated areas.

Trucks banned in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi : UAE Heavy vehicles have been banned from entering the main streets of Abu Dhabi in the wake of National Day celebrations. Trucks and large buses carrying workers are barred from entering the city’s major gates, including Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Musaffah Bridge and Al Maktou Bridge, from 4 to 5 p.m.

Vehicles of cleaning companies will not be banned. Brigadier General Mohammed Dahi al-Hamiri, director of the Department of Transportation, said comprehensive traffic restrictions had been imposed in the wake of the congested streets as part of the celebrations.

Parking is free

: Parking will be free on National Holidays. December 1, Memorial Day, is celebrated in the UAE. The Integrated Transport Center (ITC) and the Abu Dhabi Municipality Transport Department have announced that parking will be free on December 2, National Day. Paid parking will resume from 7.59am on Saturday. Toll rates have also been waived for the coming holidays.

The Sharjah Municipality also announced that there will be free vehicle parking on December 1st and 2nd. Municipality officials said some areas in Sharjah would not be included. Parking fees will resume on December 4th.


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