UAE to run Hyperloop by 2030: Test run successful

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Abu Dhabi: The UAE is poised to launch the Hyperloop, the fastest vehicle in the world, by 2030. Las Vegas, USA successfully completes 500m test flight carrying passengers. The first passengers were Hyperloop Chief Technology Officer Josh Geegel and Passenger Experience Director Sarah Lucian.

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The passenger pod, built by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies in Los Angeles, can carry up to 30 people. A picture of the pod, which was made with the latest technology to ensure the safety, comfort and entertainment of the passengers, was also released yesterday. It takes about 12 minutes to travel to Abu Dhabi on the Hyperloop. It takes 12 minutes to reach Fujairah. The first phase of the 150 km Hyperloop route from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is expected to be completed soon.

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