Udine, the Northern League mayor proposes an amendment to the municipal statute: “The family is founded on marriage”. But the Council votes against

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The family like “Natural society founded on marriage” does not pass. This was the content of the amendment to Article 9 of the municipal statute proposed by the mayor of Udine Pietro Fontanini (League). The idea generated a lot of controversy and was not accepted by the Council, which instead approved a “mediation” amendment, proposed by the opposition councilor Enrico Bertossi, parent company of First Udine: “The Municipality recognizes and promotes the rights of the family as a natural company, however constituted, guaranteeing, within its powers, suitable instruments to facilitate its legal and social protection”. In presenting the amendment, Bertossi quoted Aldo Moro and his conception of the family, “a natural society in that it has its own autonomous sphere that the legislator cannot cripple or change, thus having to respect the choices of all people, without setting constraints or stakes”. The final text of the statute was approved with the support of Prima Udine and M5s, but without the support of the directors of the Democratic Party, Innovare and Siamo Udine, who left the classroom. “The word of Fontanini are very divisive – explained the leader of the Dem group Alessandro Venanzi – and they do not represent the history and citizens of Udine, this does not allow us to approve the statute “.

According to Fontanini’s opinion “Natural family means two human beings capable of producing children. Then there are people who for various reasons fail to realize their potential, will still remain a family “. Words that have sharpened the reactions, both on social networks and live. One hundred people took part in the protest sit-in organized in the city by Arcigay Friuli: “This anachronistic ‘update’ purely ideological – they commented – effectively excludes thousands of families ”. The association, in a letter delivered today to the city council, also expressed its opinion on the ‘mediation’ amendment presented by the opposition councilor Enrico Bertossi, head of the Prima Udine group. “We have evaluated the amendment by the director Bertossi and, while acknowledging its good intentions – underlines Arcigay Friuli -, in the light of the statements made this morning by the mayor Fontanini, we cannot share it. In fact, the mayor wants to reiterate and impose a distorted and discriminatory concept of the family and a municipal administration – he concludes – cannot act light years away from what is the objective reality of the territory “.

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