UFC, Vettori wins again: Holland beaten

Marvin Vettori beats Kevin Holland and wins again. The 27-year-old from Mezzocorona hits the 17th victory in the UFC, the fifth in a row, winning points in the main event of the Las Vegas appointment. Vettori, who has a record of 17-4-1, wins with a test in control. The ‘Italian dream’ takes the measures of the opponent in the first round, in which Holland is able to take advantage of the greater extension. From the second round, Vettori takes command of operations in the octagon and constantly monitors the phases of the fight on the ground. Holland jerks early in the fifth round, landing a powerful and precise right. Vettori collects and starts again with the consolidated strategy: on the ground, leaving no breath for the rival who can only defend. Vettori controls and wins 50-44, mission accomplished.

“I’m not very happy, I wanted to win before the limit and I couldn’t. It was a very clear victory, I’m not very happy but I keep winning: I have 5 victories in a row, in October I want to challenge Adesanya for the title”, says Vettori in the interview after the meeting.

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