Uffizi, the photographer reprimanded by Eike Schmidt: “You can’t take pictures here”

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Reprimanded by Eike Schmidt for having photographed the Uffizi loggia. The unfortunate is called Thomas Harris, 42, professional photographer, who in recent days has told his story «Misadventure» on his Facebook page and on that of «Sei di Firenze se…». Thomas was, for work, “to make portraits set in the center of our city” when “under the colonnade of the Uffizi I am joined by 4 people, one of whom asks me what title I was there to take pictures. I reply that I am a professional and that I am working for myself and for my client. I recognize from the voice and the way of speaking that my main interlocutor was the director Eike Schmidt who, very politely, tells me that it is not possible to photograph the colonnade, the central courtyard and the Vasari Corridor (and, we add, also the two side squares of Palazzo Pitti, ed) unless you go to the site of the museum and ask for permission and then pay. Honestly, in 42 years I had never heard of it… ».

Schmidt and respect for the rules

The story of Thomas Harris on social networks has obviously raised a fuss, unleashing many Internet users who immediately took his side. There is a however that makes the difference. Eike Schmidt and his collaborators do not they have done nothing but enforce a law provided for by the Code of Cultural Heritage of 2004 and that in articles 107, 108 and 109 provides that for professional or promotional reasons (and not private, such as a selfie to be published later on Facebook or Instagram), an authorization request must be sent to the “concessions and permits” offices of the museum and then proceed with the payment of a fee according to a tariff. On this story no comment from the director Schmidt or the Uffizi.

March 24, 2021 | 18:03

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