Ufo, the Pentagon verdict on the existence of aliens

The American government found no traces of “aliens” in the more than 120 sightings of unidentified objects detected by Navy pilots over the past twenty years, but not even evidence that does not exist. These are the controversial conclusions contained in a Pentagon report, according to the New York Times. However, many phenomena remain “difficult to explain”, including those in which strange “objects” have shown sudden accelerations and the ability to change direction abnormally. According to American intelligence, however, most of the sightings are not attributable to US military aircraft or other advanced technology devices. The conclusions of the Congress are expected by 25 June but, according to the New York daily, the ambiguity of this report indicates that the government cannot definitively exclude that the phenomena sighted are not linked to the presence of extraterrestrial spaceships. The narrative around the mystery of the UFOs, at the moment, appears to be safe.


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