Ukraine asked Israel for intelligence assistance

In recent weeks it has been reported that Russia is using Iranian drones in its war with Ukraine. It was recently revealed that Ukraine asked to receive intelligence information from Israel regarding the aid that Iran gives to the Russian army.

Relations between Russia and Iran have become very tight due to the international isolation imposed on Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine. The ties became even stronger when the negotiations between Iran and the powers on returning to the nuclear deal stalled.

The Iranians have long denied that they delivered drones to the Russian military. These drones gave the Russians some advantage on the battlefield and slowed the Ukrainians’ advance.

As a result, Ukraine announced the downgrading of diplomatic relations with Iran and expelled several Iranian diplomats from the country.

Senior Israeli officials said that the Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister told the Deputy Director of Eurasia at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Simona Halperin – who is responsible for relations with Russia and Ukraine – that Ukraine wants to open a channel of talks with Israel in order to receive information and intelligence and to coordinate positions, noting that this is a very important issue for Ukraine In light of the military cooperation between Iran and Russia.

A senior Ukrainian official stated that Ukraine is interested in receiving from Israel mainly intelligence information about the drones that Iran supplies to Russia and claimed that: “The Israelis gave us some intelligence information, but we need much more.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently criticized Israel for not giving Ukraine any assistance in the war against Russia and said he was surprised by this.

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The Ukrainians are making gains, but the Russians are slowing them down with the use of Iranian drones

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