Ukraine conducted an armored exercise at the border

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Ukraine held a large armored exercise in Donetsk Oblast, a few kilometers from the line of confrontation with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, in a defiant message toward the Kremlin, which is concentrating forces on Ukraine’s western border.

Hundreds of tanks took part in the exercise along with special forces of the Ukrainian army, which in recent weeks has held a series of additional exercises a motorized infantry fighter and an armored combat.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kolba said in an interview with local media today that he had sent a message to Russia that an attack on Ukraine’s territory would cost the Kremlin “enormous political, economic and human losses and cost Moscow a lot of decision-makers.”

Meanwhile, outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken out strongly on the issue of Ukraine and said that any Russian aggression against Kiev should be met with heavy EU sanctions on Russia. “Any Russian aggression against Ukraine will carry a heavy price.”

“For us, neutralizing the threat and calming the winds are always the preferred options,” Merkel added. It was reported on Tuesday that the Biden administration is considering sending military experts and a large quantity of modern weapons to Ukraine, due to the growing Russian threat on Ukraine’s eastern border, the US news network CNN reported today (Tuesday).

Russian military exercise near the Ukrainian border, Photo: AFP

The publication, which comes from several sources in the US administration and defense establishment, reveals that the administration is considering a “lethal” aid package that will include a large amount of anti-tank missiles, as well as guided mortar shells, Stinger anti-helicopter missiles and a number of Russian-made helicopters purchased by the United States. For the Afghan army.

On Sunday, a senior Ukrainian military official claimed that Russia had assembled nearly 100,000 troops on the country’s eastern border. And it is preparing for a military operation in the country’s territory as early as January. The senior, General Kirilo Bodnov, is serving in the Kiev intelligence service in a conversation with the American newspaper Military Times.

According to the senior, the attack will include an initial phase of aerial bombardment, artillery fire and a large landing of special forces. The source explained that Russia has practiced in the Crimean peninsula landing a force of 3,500 paratroopers in a rapid air operation and the purpose of the exercise is an attack on the airports and Ukrainian military bases in the east of the country.

In eastern Ukraine, there is a continuing uprising of pro-Russian separatists aided by mercenaries and volunteers from Russia. The uprising began after the Maiden Revolution, which removed the pro-Russian parties from power in Ukraine and brought to power in Kiev a government that supports upgrading relations with the European Union. The uprising led to an ongoing war in which thousands were killed and infrastructure in the eastern Luhansk and Donetsk counties collapsed.

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