Ukraine hits administrative building in Russia

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2023-09-24 12:18:36

A Ukrainian drone attacked an administrative building in the center of the city of Kursk, in southern Russia, Moscow reported this Sunday, 24. The place is 90 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

According to AFP, the Ukrainian government has launched almost daily attacks against Russian cities in recent months. The action is part of Ukraine’s counteroffensive that began in June.

“In Kursk, a Ukrainian drone attacked an administrative building in the center,” said Governor Roman Starovoyt on Telegram. “The roof was damaged. Emergency services personnel are at the scene.”

In August, a Ukrainian drone caused significant damage to the Kursk railway station. Five people were injured.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Since February 2022, Ukraine has faced a Russian invasion of its territory. The Russians often classify the attack as a “special military operation”. Due to the conflict, the United States and the European Union applied sanctions to the Russians. Still, the war shows no signs of ending.

Russia accuses the West

On Saturday 23rd, Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Vladimir Putin’s government said that the United States and other allies of Ukraine are “directly at war” with Russia. The declaration came after a week of negotiations at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York.

Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister | Photo: Reproduction/Flickr

“You can call it what you want, but they are directly at war with us. We can call this a hybrid war, but that doesn’t change the reality,” Lavrov told a journalist. “They are effectively engaged in hostilities with us, using the Ukrainians as fodder.”

The diplomat also said that the US, the UK and many others are “waging war” against Russia and involved in hostilities against the country. According to the CNNLavrov stated that Americans from other countries deliver increasing quantities of weapons to Ukraine while military satellites and intelligence aircraft from these nations are also used against Russian territory.

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