Ukraine received the first shipment of coal from the United States

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The first contracted vessel with coal from the United States has arrived in Ukraine, DTEK reported. The volume of delivery amounted to 60.5 thousand tons. The company agreed to import seven shiploads with a total volume of 470 thousand tons. Five of them will come with coal from the United States, two from Colombia.

“Today the first of seven ships contracted by DTEK with coal from the USA and Colombia arrived in Ukraine. The Panamax-class vessel docked at the Yuzhny port, ”the company said in a statement. Coal will be supplied for the needs of state-owned thermal power plants of PJSC “Centerenergo”. It is noted that the import of coal for the company “is a temporary measure to cover the fuel shortage.” The priority remains the use of Ukrainian coal.

The next batch of coal from the US and Colombia is expected at the end of November, four in December and one in January. They will be sent to TPP DTEK. The company also imports coal from Poland. In August, she signed an agreement to supply 340 thousand tons of thermal coal from there. The total volume of contracted gas coal from Poland, the USA and Kazakhstan amounted to about 0.9 million tons.

The energy crisis in Ukraine is associated with high gas prices and a shortage of thermal coal. At the end of October, Kiev announced the termination of supplies from Russia. Moscow attributed this to growing domestic demand. Ukraine also claims that Russia has blocked the transit of coal through Kazakhstan. Nur-Sultan denies this, but recognizes some restrictions due to the congestion of infrastructure on the Russian side.

About the shortage of coal in Ukraine – in the article “Kommersant” “If Maidan Tomorrow”.

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