Ukraine-Russia, no sanctions for Lyudmila. The new life of Putin’s ex-wife with her husband of 20 years younger between travel and luxury homes –

from Christina Ciszek

The revelations of a Navalny collaborator relaunched by the German newspaper “Bild”

Lyudmila’s estate? Except from sanctions. Like all family members of Vladimir Putin, the 64-year-old ex-wife of the Russian president tries to avoid leaks about her private life. Even Artur Ocheretny, her 20-year-younger husband married in 2015 after 30 years of marriage to Putin and divorce in 2013, hasn’t attracted much attention so far. The report published by the German is therefore particularly noteworthy Bild with the rare photo of Lyudmila and Artur holding hands.

The German newspaper reports the discoveries of the Russian activist Maria Pevchikh, collaborator of the Russian dissident blogger Alexei Navalny, on the life of the couple between travel and luxury properties: two apartments in Marbellain Spain, worth € 2.2 million; an apartment in Switzerland, in Davos, for 3.7 million euros; And a villa on the French Atlantic coast in Anglet near Biarritz, surrounded by a park of 5 thousand square meters, worth 5.3 million euros. To prevent sanctions against people close to Putin, Lyudmila registered all her property in the name of her new husband.

Since May only Great Britain has included her with her two daughters in the list of persons sanctioned for the Russian aggression against Ukraine, banning her from staying in the country. Pevchikh criticizes governments for failing to implement measures against the former Russian first lady and her husband. According to the activist, before marrying Lyudmila, Artur Ocheretny had no job or wealth. Today he is a millionaire.

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