Ukraine, stop US weapons? The situation: Biden reassures Zelensky

Ukraine, stop US weapons?  The situation: Biden reassures Zelensky

2023-10-02 00:01:53

The United States will continue to support Ukraine, engaged in the war against Russia, even after the approval of the law passed to avoid the shutdown of the American government. The measure voted by the House and Senate close to the October 1st deadline does not include the 6 billion in military aid that the White House has just provided for Kiev. “We cannot, under any circumstances, allow US support for Ukraine to be stopped,” Biden said on Sunday. Kiev, says the president, can “count” on the support of the stars and stripes.

“I can guarantee” Ukraine “that we will do it,” he says, referring to the restoration of aid quickly. “I want to reassure our allies: you can count on our support, we will not give up”, she adds. Washington has allocated around 46 billion in aid to Ukraine since the start of the war in February 2022. The White House’s requests include aid for another 24 billion. In recent weeks, the US has raised the level of supplies: Kiev obtained the yes for the delivery of Atacms long-range missiles and welcomed the first Abrams tanks, which should help accelerate the counteroffensive launched in particular in the south of the country , in the Zaporizhzhia region.

Weapons in Kiev, there are those in Congress who say no

The law approved by Congress to avoid the shutdown guarantees funds to the US federal government for 45 days. In essence, a new provision is needed to activate further aid to Ukraine. In the Senate, leaders of both parties have made it publicly clear that they intend to work to secure support for Kiev in the coming weeks. In the institutional framework, however, the contrary position of some republicans of the so-called ‘hard right’ does not go unnoticed. “I can’t believe there are people who want to leave Ukraine right now,” says Democratic Senator Mark Warner.

Ukraine, of course, is watching the developments. The Foreign Ministry from Kiev shows confidence, convinced that “the flow of American aid will not change”, but admits that programs and projects could undergo ongoing changes. There are those, like parliamentarian Oleksi Goncharenko, who use less diplomatic terms: “The Congressional vote is disturbing. The US said it would remain alongside Ukraine for as long as necessary and now Ukraine is cut off from this measure. It is an alarm signal not only for Ukraine but also for Europe”, he told the BBC.

Slovakia, Fico wins the elections: “Stop weapons in Kiev”

Even in Europe there are signs that should not be underestimated for Kiev. In Slovakia, the elections were won by former Prime Minister Robert Fico’s Smer party, which puts his cards on the table. “If my party comes to government, regardless of whether we hold the post of prime minister or not, we will do everything possible to start peace negotiations in Ukraine as soon as possible. You already know our opinion on the arming of Ukraine “, the message.

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