Ukraine war recruitment bonus Rs 3 lakh… monthly salary Rs 2 lakh: Russia advertisement

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Tallinn (Estonia): Russia is inviting men to join its army to fight in Ukraine with a catchy message. The war between Ukraine and Russia is still going on after a year. Millions of innocent civilians of Ukraine died in this war. Many important places, including the capital city of Kyiv, have been leveled. Russian soldiers have also been killed in Ukraine’s retaliatory attacks. In this case, the border town of Bagmud in Ukraine has come under the control of Russian forces. River bridges have been broken in Baghmut. As a result, British military officials had already warned that it would be very difficult for Russian forces to advance further, and that if Ukrainian soldiers attacked using this, the casualties of Russian troops would increase.

In this case, it is said that Russia has set up recruitment centers for students and unemployed men to join the army in the war against Ukraine. Advertisements are placed on government websites, libraries, schools, colleges, government offices, social networking sites, etc. regarding army recruitment. Attractive advertisements including monthly salary of Rs.2 lakh and bonus of Rs.3 lakh for those who join the army have been published. In September last year, Russian President Putin had already called for the first military mobilization of 300,000 people. Protests were held against this. In this case, now Russia has invited to join the army for the 2nd time with attractive plans. But the Kremlin denied this.

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