Ukraine will receive from the US the second package of military aid for 150 million dollars | News from Germany about Ukraine | >

Ukraine will receive a second $ 150 million military aid package from the United States, the Pentagon announced on June 11. Washington’s decision is “timely and well-grounded,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran said on Saturday, June 12. The arsenal of the Ukrainian army will be replenished, among other things, with counter-battery radars, means for combating unmanned aerial vehicles, equipment for secure communications and evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield, the minister said.

According to Taran, Ukraine has received nearly $ 2.5 billion in military aid from the United States since 2014. The minister highlighted diplomatic, political and financial support from the United States.

The United States Department of Defense attributed the provision of military assistance to significant progress that Ukraine has made in defense reform. The Pentagon announced the previous $ 125 million aid package in March. US President Joe Biden intends to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity at a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on June 16, the White House noted.

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