Ukraine with evidence of rape by Russian troops before killing women | reveals autopsy Some Ukrainian women were raped by Russian forces before being killed

KIAV: A post-mortem report has said that some Ukrainian girls were raped by Russian troops before being killed. The doctors’ revelation came from the post-mortem examination of the bodies in the mass graves in Kia.

“We have some cases that indicate that these women were raped before they were shot,” Vladislav Perovsky, a Ukrainian forensic doctor who performed the post-mortem on dozens of bodies, told The Guardian.

“I can not give further details as my colleagues are still collecting data. We still have hundreds of bodies to examine,” he said.

Oleh Takalenko, a senior prosecutor in the Kiev region, said he had passed details of the rape allegations to his office. He said circumstances such as the location and age of the victims were being investigated.

The bodies were in such a bad condition that it was not easy to detect the symptoms of rape. But we believe they were raped before being killed. Forensic experts said they were collecting evidence from a few women.


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