Ukrainian counter-offensive collides with Russian resistance

Ukrainian counter-offensive collides with Russian resistance

2023-06-09 08:32:08 – Moscow is responding to the counter-offensive launched by Kiev with heavy bombing also on the Ukrainian capital. Four of the six cruise missiles fired at Ukrainian territory and 10 of the 16 drones were shot down during an attack during the night.

Air warnings continue to sound in Kiev and several regions of Ukraine. The air raid alarm went off shortly after midnight in almost the whole territory. Meanwhile, the United States has condemned any kind of violence against those who help the evacuations for the explosion of the dam in Ukraine, after the news that Russian artillery pounded the relief as well in flooded areas.

In the night there were also violent fighting in the Zaporizhzhia area while the Ukrainian counter-offensive continues which, according to CNN, is meeting strong resistance from Russian forces. The forces of Kiev, reports the television station citing two “high-ranking US officials”, would have suffered significant losses in the field.

Meanwhile, reports the Bloomberg agency, the Pentagon is reportedly ready to announce a new 2 billion dollar aid package for Ukraine.

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