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The international community is working on a “containment package” in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine. This statement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country Dmitry Kuleba on Thursday, December 2.

“At these bilateral meetings, we continued <...> discussion of what the comprehensive package of containment of Russia will be <...> active and lively work is underway on this … I assure you that right now in different diplomatic capitals a very specific and very substantive conversation is underway about specific measures, economic sanctions that will be included in this containment package, “Kuleba said on the website of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

He clarified that the containment package is being developed in three areas. First, reporting to Russia through open and closed channels that a military operation on the territory of Ukraine will have “irreparable consequences” for Moscow. Secondly, the development of a sanctions package, which will be immediately applied in the event of aggression from the Russian Federation. Thirdly, it is the deepening of military-technical cooperation with Ukraine to strengthen its defense capability.

On December 2, Dmitry Kuleba announced that he and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had discussed Russia’s “containment measures” during their meeting in Stockholm. According to the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, at the talks, “the importance of a strong strategic partnership between Ukraine and the United States” was confirmed.

On the same day, Kuleba said that Ukraine did not intend to conduct an offensive in the Donbass. According to him, “Ukraine is committed to a peaceful settlement of the conflict.”

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