Ultra-high resolution scan shows brain changes in migraine

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Very severe recurring headaches, nausea and sensitivity to light: migraines can have a significant impact on someone’s life. It is estimated that 148 million people worldwide suffer from chronic migraines. But we don’t fully understand where it comes from and how it works.

Well, around the blood vessels in our brains there are spaces filled with fluid. These spaces can be affected by disease and inflammation. This allows them to set up, for example. It was already thought that there might be a link between setting up these spaces and migraines.

Researchers have now used an ultra-high-resolution MRI scan to learn more about this. And indeed: in people with chronic migraine there was a much greater enlargement of those spaces to see the blood vessels.

What they still need to investigate: is it the migraine that causes those swollen spaces, or is the migraine caused by those enlarged spaces? The answer to that question could be of great importance in developing better treatments.

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