Umran Malik might get chance against Bangladesh in 2nd ODI | Give this player a chance Rohit! Advice from ex-players

The 2nd ODI between India and Bangladesh will be held on December 7. The Indian team suffered a shock defeat by one wicket in the first ODI. It is expected that the Indian team will correct the mistakes made in the 2nd ODI. There have been voices that captain Rohit Sharma should remove unnecessary players from the playing eleven and give only players who are in good form a chance.

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Chance for Umran Malik

Before the start of the ODI series against Bangladesh, Mohammed Shami withdrew due to a shoulder injury. In his place, young fast bowler Umran Malik was included in the Indian team. However, Umran Malik was not included in the playing eleven in the first ODI for Bangladesh. He might get a chance in the next match.

Great game

Umran Malik bowled well in the ODI series against New Zealand. New Zealand batsmen struggled to face his deliveries. Umran Malik also became the highest wicket taker in this series. He bowled at a speed of more than 150 kmph and took all 3 wickets.

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