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Beijing: True when the first code spread in Wuhan The media person who reported the news Yash Shang Shani, 38, has been released on bail in China State Assembly.
Shah retaliates against Chinese government persecution They will make you sick and lose weight The family makes it clear that they will not die at any moment How much must be done immediately to save his life? Speed ​​must be implemented. Do not dare to confront Wuhan in February 2020. The translator is also the translator, Yaya Shan.Video view With you, the terrorist situation in Wuhani and their social media Mangali Lute informed the world that Kovid was trying to control Instead of trying to cover up, they try to justify themselves Man China tried, and Shani’s videos came out This is clear to the nations of the world.

In unjust detention

In May 2020, authorities arrested Shane. He was sentenced to four years in prison.

They are charged with intentional inciting conflict and attempting to provoke the community. Shawn has fasted several times against unjust detention. But the authorities completely ignored it. With this, the family came forward to the global organizations and countries with the application. The question also arises as to whether such a cruel punishment has been reserved for the young woman who risked her life to tell the world the truth.

Words of the United Nations

It is a symbol of submissive willpower and determination. Shane: The world wants them Life should not be wasted – United Nations spokespersons Hurricane Dr. Shani was arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on several occasions since Lilac Martha remembered the thing.
It is clear what the charges against Shani are Procedures should be transparent and fair An inquest should be held, but not all of these matters Despite repeated convictions, Chinese officials remained silent Is leaking.
His role as a journalist Posted by Man Shan.No problem created. They fought for good.
Shani and four other civil rights activists are similar The accused is in jail.
Let the world know the truth in a timely manner Second, it is essential to prevent any disease.
When the governing body seems to have failed, individuals intervene Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings It is not a matter of punishment or punishment – says Martha.
Freedom of expression is the lifeblood of the modern world.
Can any country be transparent without freedom of the press? There is no way out. The world has come together to stop Kovid Imprisoning those who do not want to go will create fear It’s not the right thing to do, it’s the right thing to do Over the years, we have made it clear that we want that.

Draft in the eyes of the authorities

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Shane himself was a target in the eyes of the Chinese authorities Support for Civil Rights Movements in Hong Kong They were arrested in January 2019. After their release Shan went to Wuhan and was re-arrested.


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