UN refugee agency || Rescue of 302 refugees stranded in the Mediterranean trying to cross from Libya to Europe

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The Navy has rescued 302 refugees stranded in the Mediterranean as they made their way from Libya to Europe via the Mediterranean.

Record: November 20, 2021 13:04


Civil war is raging in Libya in North Africa. Fighting is raging here between world-recognized government forces and rebel forces led by Khalifa Haftar. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians are being massacred in this conflict.

Many of the people living in Libya to escape from them are seeking refuge in European countries, including Germany and Italy, and illegally sailing in large numbers on boats, including rubber and piper.

Refugees from poverty-stricken countries such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, as well as from poverty-stricken African countries, are making the trip with the aim of making it easier to enter Europe from Libya via the Mediterranean.

Various accidents and fatalities have been reported during this dangerous journey. Therefore, the Libyan navy has intensified surveillance and security work along its maritime borders.

Meanwhile, the navy has rescued 302 refugees stranded in the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Europe via the country’s Tripoli maritime border. All those rescued were taken to a refugee camp set up in Libya. Of the 302 rescued, 50 were women and 22 were children, according to the UN refugee agency.

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