“Unacceptable inequalities, today they have expanded”


The Pope’s cry against inequalities in the world rises from Iraq. “Inequalities are unacceptable” then today “they have expanded”. Francis says during the first mass celebrated in Iraq. “Wisdom in these lands has been cultivated since ancient times. Its research has always fascinated man; often, however, – observes Bergoglio in the Chaldean cathedral of Baghdad -, whoever has more means can acquire more knowledge and have more opportunities, while those who have less are put aside. It is an unacceptable inequality, which today has expanded “.

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“The Book of Wisdom – says Francis – surprises us, reversing the perspective. For the world, those who have less are discarded and those who have more are privileged. For God, no: those who have more power are subjected to a rigorous examination, while the last are the privileged of God. The reversal is total: the poor, those who weep, the persecuted are called blessed. How is it possible? Blessed, for the world, are the rich, the powerful, the famous! , who can, who counts! For God no: the one who has is no longer great, but the one who is poor in spirit; not those who can do everything over others, but those who are gentle with everyone; not who is acclaimed by the crowds, but who is merciful to his brother “.

In Iraq, many witnesses to the Gospel who do not make the news. Bergoglio encourages the Iraqis: “We are tried, we often fall, but we must not forget that, with Jesus, we are blessed. What the world takes away from us is nothing compared to the tender and patient love with which the Lord fulfills his promises”.

“Dear sister, dear brother, – says Bergoglio – perhaps you look at your hands and they seem empty to you, perhaps there is distrust in your heart and you do not feel rewarded by life. If this is the case, do not be afraid: the Beatitudes are for you, for you who are afflicted, hungry and thirsty for justice, persecuted. The Lord promises you that your name is written in his heart, in the Heavens! And today I thank Him with you and for you, because here, where wisdom arose in ancient times, so many witnesses have arisen in these times, often overlooked by the chronicles, but precious in the eyes of God; witnesses who, by living the Beatitudes, help God to realize his promises of peace “.


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