under pressure, Banque Populaire could reinstate Clarisse Crémer in the Vendée Globe project

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Will Clarisse Crémer leave with Banque Populaire after being ousted from the project? Panoramic

Faced with the wave of protests and entangled in a case that harms its image, Banque Populaire could finally give up dismissing the young mother Clarisse Crémer.

Two days after having disembarked Clarisse Crémer from the Vendée Globe project because the sailor gave birth in November to a baby which complicated her qualification for the event, Banque Populaire could operate a spectacular backpedal. Faced with the wave of indignation and protests from the world of sailing, the political world but also the public, the banking group would think about a way out of the crisis by reintegrating the young mother into the project.

According to Le Parisien, the idea is being studied and the file would now be managed by the chairman of the management board of BPCE, Nicolas Namias. A delicate file as the image of the brand has been tarnished by this decision transformed into bad buzz on social networks.

Banque Populaire had set aside Clarisse Crémer (32) because she was not sure of being able to obtain her qualification for the Vendée Globe, following the birth of her son last November. Her maternity leave prevented her from registering the points necessary for the validation of her candidacy. Banque Populaire (made aware of its employee’s desire to have a child) asked the Vendée Globe organization to be more flexible (by asking for a wild card in particular) with its new qualification procedure. In vain. The inflexibility of the leaders of the single-handed round the world race pushed the sponsor to make this unfortunate decision.

Crémer supported by athletes, the banking group singled out

«Banque Populaire decides to leave me at the quay“, had lamented Clarisse Crémer, bitter despite the support of Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. Recounting the situation on social networks, the navigator very quickly obtained the support of the public and athletes (judoka Clarisse Agbégnénou, discus thrower Mélina Robert-Michon or navigator Camille Lecointre). The Parisian could finally return to the center of the game faster than expected if her sponsor reverses her decision. It remains to be seen whether she will accept the outstretched hand of her former partner ready to make her mea culpa.

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