Understandings were reached between the basketball association and the league director

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End of the saga. After a long battle that reached the courts and included heavy exchanges of accusations and defamations between the parties, ONE learned for the first time that an agreement had been reached on the continued cooperation between the basketball association and the league administration.

The talks in recent days were held under the leadership of the Hapoel Center, with the cooperation of CEO Yoram Orenstein. The union was represented by CEO Yaakov Ben Shoshan and treasurer Oded Nachman, while the league and management teams were represented by Eldad Akunis from Bnei Herzliya and Rami Cohen from Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Among other things, the parties reached an understanding on the status quo for the next three years, increasing the number of teams in the Premier League gradually up to 14 teams, arranging the financial terms between the union and the management so that they are in accordance with the number of teams in the league, and establishing a joint professional committee that will begin operating at the end of three seasons from today.

Oded Brandwin vs Bar Timur (Omari Stein)Oded Brandwin vs Bar Timur (Omari Stein)

In the coming days, the official agreement is expected to be signed in the spirit of what was agreed upon. In the announcement issued jointly by the union and the directorate, it was stated that “if disputes are discovered at the end of the three years of the agreement, the parties will return to the original agreement from 2002.”

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