Undocking of the ISS module under “Science” was postponed after data analysis

The Pirs module of the International Space Station (ISS), in place of which the Nauka module launched to the station is supposed to stand, will be undocked and flooded on July 24, a day later than planned, Roscosmos reported. As the state corporation explains, the decision was made after analyzing the telemetry data from Nauka. Earlier, the scientific publication N + 1, citing a source, reported that failures were found in the fuel system of Nauka.

“Experts of the rocket and space industry, having analyzed the data obtained from the telemetry of the Nauka module, decided to schedule the flooding of the Pirs module for July 24, 2021,” the Roscosmos website says.

The Nauka laboratory module was launched into orbit on July 21. The next day, N + 1 reported a malfunction, due to which the module may not have enough fuel to raise the orbit and approach the ISS. After that, a specialist from the Moscow Region Mission Control Center, according to RIA Novosti, told the cosmonauts to postpone all undocking work until tomorrow.

The development of the Science module began in 1995. Initially, the module was supposed to become part of the Russian segment of the ISS by 2007, but the launch was repeatedly postponed. The Pirs module was attached to the ISS in 2001 and is used as an additional compartment for receiving cargo and going into outer space.



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