Unesco removes Liverpool from the list of world heritage sites

Unesco has decided to remove Liverpool from the list of sites considered a World Heritage Site. And this is due to the modernization works of the waterfront which have caused a “serious deterioration” of the historic site. In a secret meeting of the Unesco committee in China chaired by Tian Xuejun, the project for the new Everton FC stadium was also indicted.

Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson called Unesco’s decision ” incomprehensible ”. “Our World Heritage site has never been in better shape after enjoying hundreds of millions of pounds invested in dozens of buildings,” said Anderson. The possibility of an appeal will be evaluated, he added, stating that the last visit in person by Unesco officials dates back to “ten years ago”.

The government also said it was “extremely disappointed” by the decision and said it believed Liverpool still deserves its heritage status “given the significant role that historic piers and the city in general have played throughout history.”

Only two other sites, prior to Liverpool, have lost World Heritage status since 1978, when the list was drawn up. The other two are the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary in Oman in 2007 and the Elbe Valley in Dresden in Germany in 2009. Liverpool was awarded the title in 2004 in recognition of its historical and architectural impact.


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