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Unforgivable mistake |  Freedom

2023-06-01 06:53:00

Rovshan Hajibeyli

Mahmud Mammadov’s interview was not appropriate

Everyone knows from last year: this year is the year of Heydar Aliyev. Usually, the name of the years is given after the beginning of the new year, but this year’s name was given before the end of the “Year of Glass” announced last year – on September 29, 2022. Naming the year in advance is not accidental, everyone should know and prepare. Anyone who has or does not have a memory of Heydar Aliyev should write something.

The editors of newspapers and magazines were given a special task, all of them should write something of at least one page, and at the same time, they should publish the articles of different professionals about Heydar Aliyev, instead of those who cannot write. Each editorial office should prepare a separate issue, one issue of the newspaper or magazine should be entirely dedicated to Heydar Aliyev. Books on various fields should be printed. Likewise, people of literature and art should speak their words. Poets must turn on their inspiration and write their poems. Deputies with fake mandates, academics, and scientists also contribute to the 100th anniversary by writing or interviewing.

Banker Mahmud Mammadov “don’t be left behind” Memorial essay on Heydar Aliyev”kafqazinfosent to the site. This article was posted on May 2 this year.
There are interesting points and secrets for readers in the memoir. Perhaps, some of these points caught the attention of Eynulla Fatullayev as well as those in power, and there was a need to interview Mahmud teacher…

However, the article on the “qafqazinfo.az” website also gives a lot of reason to think. Mahmud Mammadov shined during the rule of Ayaz Mutallibov, and “Gunaybank”, which he owns, was established in 1992, that is, during the rule of Ayaz. It is interesting that the relations between Ayaz Mutallibov and Heydar Aliyev were not good in those years. How can it be that someone who is known as Mutallibov’s man and at the same time has certain privileges due to his closeness to him, worked for Aliyev to come to power (according to his own words). Being with Ayaz Mutallibov, he took over the financing of the film about Heydar Aliyev, and also knowing the attitude of the then president towards Aliyev. Moreover, Nadir Ahmadov, deputy minister of communications (he was deputy minister in 1991 during the time of Ayaz Mutallibov) has a private telephone line to Mahmud Mammadov’s office. Quote from the obituary: “… At that time, the late Nadir Ahmadov, who was the deputy minister of communications, installed a private telephone line in my office so that I could easily communicate with Nakhchivan. Thanks to this, I could often talk to the Great Leader on the phone…”.

These were the years when Heydar Aliyev had not yet made a clear claim to power. Those were the times when the Popular Front of Azerbaijan was very strong and ambitious for power, and Ayaz Mutallibov fought together with the “Brotherhood” to protect his power and presidency. By the way, unlike Ayaz Mutallibov, Abulfaz Elchibey had a positive attitude towards Heydar Aliyev…

In addition, in the memoir and in the interview, issues that are not advisable to be disclosed are discussed. It seems that Mahmud Mammadov’s 100th anniversary was an opportunity to express what he did for the Aliyevs many years later. With Eynulla Fatullayev the interview On the day it was posted (May 7, 2023), he had another plaintive statement: “Even though the bank needs it, the Central Bank did not allocate funds to “Gunay Bank”. There were banks that gave loans of 500-600 million manats, and they were willing to give us a loan of 1-2 million manats.”

Perhaps, with the Decision of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank dated May 16, 2023, “Gunay Bank” “the amount of total capital is less than the minimum amount (50 million) determined for banks”the reason should be sought in that memoir and interview…


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