Uninstall these applications from your phones!

While we hear a lot about Android apps that are malware, it’s rare for apps like this to infiltrate Apple iOS devices, however, a research team at Human Satori Center revealed 10 apps that “commit various forms of ad fraud.” When installed in iOS devices.

The researchers found that several apps were used to create false interactions with ads on hidden screens, which trick advertisers into paying for a non-existent audience, including 75 apps on Android and 10 apps on iOS.

The applications discovered by researchers are all imitators of some well-known and popular games, and since then they have been removed from the App Store, namely:

• Fire-Wall
• Loot the Castle
• Ninja Critical Hit
• Racing Legend 3D
• Rope Runner
• Run Bridge
• Shinning Gun
• Tony Runs
• Wood Sculptor

While researchers have not revealed any security risks behind these apps, the way they work can affect phone performance and battery life. Additionally, the researchers warned that developers may update apps to change the way they work, so removing apps is the best option for users.


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