Union Cop has provided an opportunity for football fans to see their favorite stars in person

Union Cop has provided an opportunity for football fans to see their favorite stars in person

The program was organized in collaboration with Shabab Al Ahli Dubai Club.


First Published Oct 28, 2022, 9:30 PM IST

Dubai: As the football season kicks off, Union Coop has created a golden opportunity for customers and shopping mall visitors to meet and interact with their favorite stars. Union Cop’s ‘Meet and Greet’ event took place at Al Warqa City Mall and Ittihad Mall. The visitors had the opportunity to meet and get autographs from the stars of Shabab Al Ahli Club and participate in some fun sports programs. The event was held on October 27 and 28 in two malls.

Many football fans and Union Cop visitors attended the event. As the players signed the footballs given by Union Cop as a gift to the public, it was taken up by all sections of the people. A fun sports event was also organized for the fans. Children and adults alike were welcome to try their luck at the indoor goal post set up by the Union Cop, similar to the goal post in a football match, and share the joy of participating in a sport. It was a program to make sports a part of life.

Unioncop considered it to be the most important social event organized in its commercial centers as it was aimed at protecting the health of all. The selection of players from Shabab Al Ahli Dubai Club to meet the fans shows the importance of Union Coop as an institution relied upon by people from different walks of life. UnionCop also explained that they have been focused on supporting social projects since the beginning. Union Cop has also supported Shabab Al Ahli Dubai Club in this way.

Union Cop said the event was well received by the public. Most of them were mall visitors and Unioncop customers. It was also a valuable program with many levels of meaning, including the promotion of sports as a lifestyle. Union Cop explained that it was a concept based on a new modern style, different from the concept of traditional sports competitions. This was in line with the directives of the UAE government leadership to encourage new ideas and development in all fields and sectors.

Union Cop added that the event was carefully planned with various stages for the fans such as signing footballs, goal shooting games and taking photos with the Cubs players. Through this to create an environment full of happiness and communication excellence.

Last Updated Oct 28, 2022, 9:30 PM IST

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