Union pay, set in the Philippines and Gulf War censorship. Here are 10 things you don’t know about “Born on July 4th”

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July 4, 2021 – 07:46 am

On January 20, 1990, the antimilitarist film with Tom Cruise won 4 Golden Globes. The curiosities that few know

of Francesco Tortora

On January 20, 1990, at the 47th edition of the Golden Globes, “Born on July 4”, a film with Tom Cruise, shot by Oliver Stone, triumphs. The anti-militarist film is inspired by the autobiography of the same name by Ron Kovic, a marine who returns from the war in Vietnam paralyzed in a wheelchair and, once in the United States, becomes an important pacifist leader, so much so that he is invited to speak at the Democratic Convention of the 1976. The work is full of touching scenes (above all the meeting with the mother of the American soldier whom the protagonist unintentionally killed in Vietnam) and memorable images that tell the horror of war. This is the second major work on the conflict in the former Indochina by the American director (Stone had already made “Platoon” in 1986) and the film also gets two Oscars (direction and editing). Great proof of Tom Cruise who for the first time plays a role in which he completely erases his image as a sex symbol. Although “Born on July 4” was a success in the cinema and on TV, there are some curiosities of the film that not everyone knows. Here are the 10 most unique.

July 4th 2021 | 07:46


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