Unique photo of Bui Vien pedestrian street through a Western lens

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2023-05-31 02:12:00

Bui Vien Walking Street in Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1 is famous as the famous “playing” street of Ho Chi Minh City. This place is also known as Bui Vien West Street because of the large concentration of many foreign tourists from Europe and America to travel and visit. Let’s explore this vibrant street through a series of unique photos posted on the page Tripadvisor and Thetravelinsider.When Ho Chi Minh City lights up, the atmosphere in the pedestrian street Bui Vien gradually became lively and bustling.As the night goes on, the number of guests flocks in West Bui Vien Street more to participate in fun and entertainment activities.Many international tourists come to Bui Vien pedestrian street to experience the bustling nightlife in HCMC.Not only tourists, many foreigners living and working in Vietnam also come to Bui Vien walking street to participate in fun activities, entertainment, eating, meeting friends…Bui Vien West Street has many restaurants, eateries, cafes, bars… to serve everyone’s needs. In addition, on the street, there are many types of street performances such as loudspeaker singing, fire blowing, magic… attracting many viewers.With a large number of visitors flocking here, Bui Vien Street is considered as one of the places where tourists can “withdraw their wallets”, especially international visitors.Bui Vien Walking Street has many restaurants and bars operating all night. Therefore, some people call this the “street that never sleeps” of HCMC.A group of young people are excited to have a meeting on Bui Vien pedestrian street in the evening.Restaurants on Bui Vien Street are often packed with customers in the evening, especially on weekends.Invite readers to watch the video: Young artist auctions his paintings online to support doctors in Ho Chi Minh City. Source: HANOITV.

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