United States: Biden’s house raided | They search the president’s beach house in search of documents

United States: Biden’s house raided |  They search the president’s beach house in search of documents

US federal police began a search of President Joe Biden’s beach house in the state of Delaware on Wednesday, a lawyer for the president said, as part of an operation to track improperly stored classified documents.

Registration at the Rehoboth Spa residence counts “with the full support and cooperation of the president”said the lawyer Bob Farmer, after another carried out in another Biden house in Delaware, located in the city of Wilmington, in search of confidential documents from the Democrat’s time as vice president and senator. In his statement, Bauer said the Justice Department initiated the search in Rehoboth without “prior public notice.”

“Today’s search is one more step in a thorough and timely Department of Justice process that we will continue to fully support and facilitate. We will have more information upon completion of today’s search,” he said in a statement.

The president often spends weekends in Wilmington or, less frequently, in Rehoboth. Since November, a series of confidential documents, the exact number and content of which is unknown, have been found both in an office Biden occupied at a Washington think tank and at his home in Wilmington.

These documents date back to the time when Biden was vice president of Barack Obama (2009-2017) and his three decades in the Senate, during which he dealt extensively with foreign policy. The Justice Department appointed a special prosecutor to investigate these findings, embarrassing for the Democratic president because they evoke, despite many differences, a case of official files brought to Florida by his predecessor, the Republican Donald Trump.

The search is the second by the Justice Department of the president’s private homes since half a dozen classified documents were found at his Wilmington residence two months ago. That finding was added to the one that the lawyers had made in November in the office that Biden occupied in a think tank (laboratory of ideas) in Washington, but which was only announced at the beginning of this month. Justice has also registered that office this week His annual State of the Union address is forthcoming., in which he exposes before the two chambers of Congress his priorities for government action for this year; It is the most solemn act of the legislative course.

Both Biden and his lawyers have downplayed the case, stating that This is a small number of documents that were inadvertently misplaced. the attorney generalMerrick Garland, announced in January the opening of an investigation into the event, at the head of which he has appointed a special prosecutor, Robert Hur. The case bears certain similarities, but also enormous differences, with the discovery of classified documentation in the private residence of former Republican President Donald Trump in Florida. Biden and her legal team stress that they are collaborating with the Justice Department’s investigation into what is a small number of papers.

Trump, however, accumulated thousands of documents, to which the FBI only had access through a judicially authorized search, after months of requests to which the real estate magnate did not respond.. Trump faces an obstruction of justice investigation in connection with that case, for which Garland has also appointed a special counsel.


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