United States: conspirator Alex Jones declares bankruptcy

The host of the program “InfoWars” had been sentenced to pay more than a billion dollars for having denied a massacre in an American school.

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Alex Jones hosts the far-right show “InfoWars”. (Illustrative photo).

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LAmerican conspirator Alex Jones, sentenced to pay nearly $1.5 billion after denying a school massacre, declared himself bankrupt on Friday, according to court documents seen by AFP. This figure of the far right, who had already filed for bankruptcy in July for his company Free Speech Systems, sent a request to this effect to a bankruptcy court located in Texas. If the court approves it, the procedure will freeze its assets and prevent their seizure.

In 2012, a young man armed with a semi-automatic rifle killed 20 children and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook School in Newton, Connecticut. Alex Jones had, against all evidence, stated on his site Infowars that the massacre was just a staged show by opponents of firearms, and the grieving parents of the “actors”. This theory had spread on the Internet and several relatives of the victims had filed a complaint for defamation, explaining that they were harassed by fans of Alex Jones. The plotter had belatedly admitted publicly the reality of the killing but was sentenced, after two trials, to pay nearly 1.5 billion dollars in fines or damages.

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On the documents sent to the Texas court, he estimates that he has debts between one and ten billion, and assets between one and ten million dollars. The exact extent of his fortune has been the subject of much speculation, with trials showing that he capitalized on his notoriety in conspiracy circles to sell all sorts of products on the internet. Banned from Twitter, but still present with Infowars, he continues to make headlines. Latest scandal: his Thursday interview with rapper Kanye West, in which the star gave an apology for Adolf Hitler.

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