United States: Massive Demonstration for the Right to Abortion | The first Women’s March of the Biden era

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The Women’s March returned to the streets in the United States with thousands of people gathered in different cities after a strong anti-rights offensive in the state of Texas culminating in law passed last month banning abortion from six weeks gestation. The regulations do not make exceptions in cases of rape or incest.

Thousands of people participated in the Women’s March on Washington to protest Texas law. The protesters gathered in the Plaza de la Libertad in the US capital. “We should be able to decide what to do with our own bodies, period”claimed Laura Bushwitz, 66, a retired teacher.

About 200 organizations defending the right to abortion joined the claim after the law that prohibits the termination of pregnancy from six weeks gestation came into force on September 1, when many people still do not know that they are pregnant. The regulation also enables any citizen to sue the doctors and clinics where they suspect that the person had an abortion outside the established deadline.

While the main event was in Washington, the Women’s March was replicated throughout the country after the risk of the prohibition of abortion in one of the states, despite the fact that this right was recognized half a century ago in the caso Roe vs Wade. Around 240,000 people were mobilized throughout the country in some 600 cities such as New York, Chicago, Jackson, San Francisco, and Miami.

“We fight so that abortion is not only legal but also accessible and without stigma”the organizers said in a statement, asking Congress to enshrine the right to abortion in federal law in order to protect it from a possible reversal in the Supreme Court.

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“This year we are united”, say the organizers. “We return to the streets for the first time in the Biden era because with the change in the Oval Room (of the White House) the politicized, perverse and patriarchal desire to control our bodies did not end”they added.

A report published by Planned Parenthood, a family planning organization in the United States, revealed that if the American court overturns the sentence in the Roe v. Wade case, some 36 million women in 26 states would lose the right to abort.


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