Unity Mass dispute in Syro-Malabar Church escalates into conflict, Bishop returns without mass after protests – KERALA – GENERAL

Kochi: Unification mass dispute in Syro-Malabar Church leads to conflict. When Bishop Andrews came down to conduct a united Mass at St. Mary’s Basilica in Ernakulam Bishop House, the rebels stopped him. When the rebels established themselves in the churchyard, the bishop went back.

Earlier, there were reports that there will be a conflict today as the lay movement is continuing to do justice day and night in the Ernakulam Bishop House. Following this, a large police team was camped here. Today around 4.30 am, the official and rebel faction gathered in front of the church.

For days, the Almaya Munnetra and the Almaya Rakshasan Samiti have been protesting day and night at the Bishop’s House with the demand that the public mass should continue. They have also demanded the withdrawal of the letters issued requesting that the unified mass should be started. Protesters had rallied to Bishop’s House yesterday. More worshipers stayed at the bishop’s house overnight, with a move to prevent the reformed mass from taking place. The official side made the moves they expected this morning. The official side is demanding that the bishop be allowed to celebrate the unified Mass with the permission of the Pope.

But the bishop took the position that he should not enter the church past the protestors. At the same time, the dissidents decided to stay in the church in anticipation of the bishop’s return. The police have decided to intervene only if there is a conflict.


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