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BOLZANO. “Immediately the health passport to save the summer season, reopening of primary and childhood schools with rapid tests and above all priority to the elderly in administering vaccines.” So Julia Unterberger, president of the Group for Autonomies to the President Mario Draghi, in debate in the Senate ahead of tomorrow’s European summit.

“The pandemic – said Unterberger – is putting a strain on the European project, which is not thought of as crisis management. Those who had rediscovered themselves as Europeanists in 12 hours, are once again making Europe the scapegoat for everything. already forgotten is the Europe that has put on the plate the huge resources of the recovery fund. It is true, with vaccines it should have done better. But if we want a more effective Europe, we must integrate more and give up sovereignty. Just the opposite of what we are doing. the critics would like to give nothing and expect the maximum. It is not Europe’s fault that AstraZeneca does not respect its commitments and gives us 33 doses per thousand inhabitants and to Great Britain 210. Europe – he added – is the only one that respects the agreements on exports, so it is right that today you think of the blockade for those countries that do not do the same “.


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