“Until the organization is fixed”: Musk and the employees started sleeping in the Twitter offices

Photos circulated online reveal office rooms at Twitter headquarters that have been converted into bedrooms, sofas used as beds and one photo even shows a room with a bed, including a wardrobe and slippers | San Francisco authorities have confirmed that they are investigating possible building code violations following a complaint

A former Twitter employee claims that the new boss turned one of the meeting rooms at the San Francisco headquarters into his bedroom with a double bed and wardrobe. According to that employee, Musk has been sleeping in the room since he purchased the company at the end of October. As you may recall, last month he sent an email to the entire Twitter team and said they would “have to be hardcore” to succeed.

But not only Musk sleeps in the offices, but also some of the employees. According to photos posted on social media, couches that double as beds are scattered throughout the headquarters, and another conference room has a bed, an alarm clock, and photos. “It looks like hotel rooms,” said another former employee of the company. Another claim is that washing machines were also installed in the offices. According to a BBC report, San Francisco authorities are investigating the photos as a possible violation of the building code.


As mentioned, in the photos obtained by the BBC, there are many signs that workers are sleeping in the offices. Among other things, you can see couches that are used as beds and one photo even shows a room with a double bed, including a wardrobe and slippers. Another conference room has an alarm clock, and a picture is placed above a made-up bed. “It looks like a hotel room,” said one former employee.

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection confirmed that it is investigating possible building code violations following a complaint. Musk in response claimed that the city is attacking companies for providing beds to “tired workers”. In a deleted tweet, Musk said he would work and sleep in the office “until the organization is fixed.”


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