Until today, I have never heard him say ‘out of touch’ on a stage…: Jayaramettan reigns supreme in the arena: Video

Jairam Puli is on stage. Jayaram’s style of capturing the audience with mimicry and funny stories is well known to Malayalees. Now, at the Ponniyin Selvan Audio launch, actor and director Ramesh Pisharati has shared a video of Jayaram being demolished on stage.

It’s been 30 years since I came to the cinema. Until today, I have never heard a stage saying ‘I’m out of touch’…even when I came to the stage playing one of the lead roles in one of India’s greatest director’s big films…

Along with the video, Pisharati wrote that Jayaramettan reigns in the arena.

This video of Mani Ratnam, Jayam Ravi, Prabhu and Karthi impersonating Jayaram on stage is already a hit.


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