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In response to the issuance of the first consumer coupons, J Select is launching the August discount code, purchase over HK$2,500 and enter the discount code “AUG100“You can get HK$100 off, buy over HK$5,000 and enter the promo code”AUG250” can save HK$250, buy over HK$7,500 and enter the promo code”AUG500” can be discounted by HK$500, please refer to the terms and conditions for details, restrictions, etc.

Dyson products have also benefited from this. In addition to the single-piece discount, this time J Select has also launched a package discount, and can get a discount with the August coupon code, which is a good time to start.

Supersonic HD08 Hair Dryer + Corrale Hair Straightener



The two popular hair styling tools, the HD08 Hair Dryer plus the Corrale Styler, are now available as a set at J Select, allowing you to style your own style in the convenience and safety of your home. Now the two-piece set is reduced from the original price of HK$7,660 to HK$5,740, and then enter the August promo code “AUG250」you can start with HK$5,490 and save up to HK$2,170 in total.

Click here to buy Hair Dryer + Straightener Set — HK$5,490

V12 Detect Slim Total Clean + Supersonic HD08 風筒



Another package from J Select includes the V12 Detect Slim Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner and the Supersonic HD08 Hair Dryer. The V12 Detect Slim can highlight the floor dust particles through the green laser diode to improve the cleaning efficiency. With the direct drive suction head of the Total Clean version and the stubborn dirt sweeper, you can easily clean the home.

This hair dryer and vacuum cleaner set has been reduced from the original price of HK$9,260 to HK$8,260 on J Select, and then enter the August coupon code “AUG500」you can start with HK$7,760 and save up to HK$1,500 in total.

Click here to buy V12 Vacuum Cleaner + HD08 Hair Dryer Set — HK$7,760

Dyson Airwrap Complete

The Airwrap Complete styler is equipped with a variety of accessories, which is also convenient for users to style hair such as curling, smoothing, drying, etc. At the same time, in order to protect the hair quality, its built-in intelligent thermal control technology will measure the airflow temperature of the styler more than 40 times per second, and Automatically adjust the temperature to ensure that the temperature is lower than 150°C to prevent the hair from being damaged by high temperature.

Airwrap Complete on J Select is reduced from the original price of HK$4,480 to HK$3,999, with the coupon code “AUG100“Add another HK$100 to save HK$581.

Click here to buy Airwrap Complete — HK$3,899

Dyson Omni-glide

The Dyson Omni-glide multi-directional vacuum cleaner is sold with a very light body and is suitable for the living environment in Hong Kong. When using, the straight rod can be laid back and pulled closer to the ground. With its multi-directional soft fluff roller suction head, it can achieve multi-directional For the purpose of use, it can be easily handled even under beds and sofas that are usually inconvenient to clean.

Omni-glide on J Select is reduced from the original price of HK$3,780 to HK$3,402, plus the coupon code “AUG100“Add another HK$100 to save HK$478.

Click here to buy Dyson Omni-glide — HK$3,302

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier TP00

Dyson Pure Cool TP00 is a 2-in-1 product that can be used as a fan and an air purifier at the same time. It can blow cold air to a large extent, circulate and eliminate the smell of the whole room and harmful toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde. It is very suitable for Hong Kong housing. Environments with limited space.

TP00 2-in-1 Air Purifier is now reduced from the original price of HK$3,480 to HK$3,080 with the coupon code “AUG100“Add HK$100 off to save HK$500.

Buy Now Dyson Pure Cool TP00 — HK$2,980


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