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The minister of health Roberto Speranza will sign, during the morning of Tuesday 30 March, a new ordinance which establishes new constraints to limit coronavirus infections.

The ordinance – which expires on April 6 – provides, “for arrivals and returns from European Union countries, buffer on departure, 5-day quarantine and additional buffer at the end of 5 days».

Quarantine is already foreseen for all non-EU countries.

In fact, therefore, anyone who enters Italy from a foreign country and anyone who has left Italy and must return to Italy will have to submit to the new rules.

The measure was decided after registration a surge in flight bookings abroad in fear that what happened last summer with thousands of people traveling and an increase in infections on return. It was thus decided to put a stop to contacts when returning to Italy.

The government’s decision also comes later days of controversy linked to the possibility for Italian citizens to travel abroad for tourism – a possibility that does not exist for those who want to travel within the country for tourism, crossing regional borders.

Similar provisions are in place in other countries – for example, in Germany e Spain – and have sparked similar controversies: German hoteliers, for example, have described the situation as absurd in which thousands of compatriots flew to the Balearics for the Easter holidays, while at home the hotels are closed – except for those who travel for work ( here the reportage from Mallorca).

Even in Italy – while thousands of people are preparing to fly abroad for the Easter holidays – the hotelier trade associations have protested strongly. “I can’t leave my municipality, but I can fly to the Canary Islands: it’s absurd, while 85% of Italian hotels are forced to remain closed », he told al Courier service Bernabò Bocca, president of Federalberghi. «To go abroad you just need a swab on departure and return. When we saw the red zone for Easter, we thought that at least for abroad there was a quarantine, instead a swab is enough. And the other countries take advantage of it ».

The rules – dictated by a note from the Ministry of the Interior – are now integrated by the obligation, provided for by the ordinance of the Ministry of Health, of a 5-day quarantine, also provided for those moving to and returning from an EU country.

The new quarantine rule however, Federalberghi does not like it than toAnsa replies through its president Bernabò Bocca: «The patch is worse than the hole. We absolutely did not want to wage war on Italians who went abroad nor on Italian tour operators and travel agencies of which we have the utmost consideration. Our speech is just this: if the buffer is valid for going abroad it must also apply in Italy. Federalberghi has an agreement with more than two thousand diagnostic centers for swabs in hotels. If it is allowed to board a plane with a tampon, it is also allowed in the hotel ».

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