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After Vienna and Linz, Upper Austria is now also starting corona vaccinations for children under 12 years of age.

Upper Austria is serious and will vaccinate children between the ages of five and 12 next weekend. We have already vaccinated around 1,600 children, mostly from general practitioners. Now the country has also created the option of doing what is known as an off-label vaccination.

What does off-label vaccination mean? In the case of corona vaccinations, this means that the EMA (European Medical Agency) has not yet approved the vaccination for children under 12. Off-label use is generally not prohibited, but requires increased care and special information obligations.

Up to 2,000 vaccinations will be offered this weekend. The medical experts of the crisis team have spoken out in favor of this action together with the medical association. Approval from the European Medicines Commission is expected soon, as is the recommendation from the National Vaccination Committee.

All legal guardians who have already registered their children for a vaccination on the waiting list have already been informed of the vaccination options by SMS. If you still want to register now, you can do so at ooe-impft.at.

And here is vaccinated:

Salzkammergutklinikum, Vöcklabruck location (November 26th) (only with registration) (no pop-up vaccination takes place at this location on this day)

Children’s group practice in the Kirchdorf Clinic, Kirchdorf an der Krems (November 26th) (only with registration)

Hospital Barmherzige Schwestern Ried (November 26th) (only with registration)

Primary Care Center Enns (PVE) (November 27, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., no registration required)

· Public vaccination routes of the Upper Austrian Red Cross:

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o Linz-Land Volksheim Traun, 4050 Traun, Neubauerstraße 11 (November 28th) (only with registration)

o Schärding shopping center St. Florian, 4782 St. Florian am Inn, St. Florian am Inn 55 (November 27th) (only with registration)

o Linz Volkshaus Neue Heimat, 4030 Linz, Vogelfängerplatz 4 (November 27th) (only with registration)

o Steyr official building Reithoffer Steyr, 4400 Steyr, Pyrachstraße 7 (November 27th) (only with registration)

“The vaccination requirement for children from five to eleven years of age will become a further important element in the fight against the pandemic. We are already starting a first campaign in which the children who have previously been marked will receive a vaccination offer,” emphasizes LH Vice President and Health Officer Christine Haberlander .

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