Urgently leave Russia; America warns its citizens

The US Embassy in Moscow issued a security warning for American citizens in Russia to return immediately. The alert of the embassy comes in the context of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to mobilize Russian citizens for war. (US Embassy warns Americans to leave Russia)

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the US Embassy has repeatedly warned American citizens not to travel to Russia and that citizens currently in Russia should return immediately. In the wake of the new order, the embassy is stepping up its warning. The embassy warns that Russia may refuse to recognize dual citizenship and US citizens may be denied US consular assistance.

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The embassy is also warning American citizens that Russia may force dual citizens into military service amid reports of young Russians fleeing to neighboring countries.

The embassy warns citizens that freedom of expression is being widely suppressed in Russia and that no one should attend protest rallies for their own safety. The US Embassy also stated that Russian authorities are attempting to imprison even US citizens who are peacefully protesting.

Story Highlights: US Embassy warns Americans to leave Russia

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