US auction house Witherells is auctioning items from Al Capone

IDozens of personal items belonging to the notorious gang boss Al Capone are set to be auctioned in California. A total of 174 objects that will go under the hammer at the Witherells auction house on October 8th include the legendary criminal’s favorite revolver, a Colt 45. Also family photos, a personal letter that Al Capone wrote to his son from the prison island of Alcatraz, and the gangster’s double bed can be bought at auction.

According to the auction house, the Colt 45 could bring in up to $ 150,000 at the auction. Another Al Capone pistol could go under the hammer for up to $ 60,000.

Capone was one of the most feared criminals in the United States during Prohibition of the 1920s. Capone, also known by his nickname Scarface, was the boss of the Chicago Outfit criminal syndicate, which is notorious for its brutal methods and which, among other things, illegally traded in alcohol.



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